Tax breaks in Georgia fund new plant and jobs in Brazil

This is exactly why we can’t give tax breaks to corporations in the name of “economic development.” Corporations don’t care about anything, except the bottom line, so the money from Georgia, goes South, way south:

NCR Corp. plans to spend about $37.6 million to build a new manufacturing and research and development center in Brazil to make automated teller machines (ATMs) for Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean markets.

The new facility will be up and running by December and will create 250 new jobs.

via NCR to expand in Brazil, create 250 jobs – Dayton Business Journal:.

Sure, CEO Bill Nuti can talk about how long NCR has had operations in Brazil, but, the reality is, if you accept U.S. tax dollars, earned by U.S. taxpayers, you have to create jobs for us, as in the people of the United States.

There was a time when NCR serviced the entire world with cash registered, built right here in Dayton. It is possible.

And, maybe if the United States had some kind of restraint on CEO pay, based on a ratio between the lowest paid employee and the highest paid employee- Nuti wouldn’t be looking at cheap off-shore labor. If he couldn’t earn more than 100x his lowest paid worker,  it would put a severe cramp in his ability to collect $2,000 hr/ while he’s losing 2/3 of NCR’s value.

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