Tax breaks in Georgia fund new plant and jobs in Brazil

This is exactly why we can’t give tax breaks to corporations in the name of “economic development.” Corporations don’t care about anything, except the bottom line, so the money from Georgia, goes South, way south: NCR Corp. plans to spend about $37.6 million to build a new manufacturing and research and development center in Brazil Read More

It’s time for you to do something about corporate welfare

Politicians make lousy venture capitalists. The idea that government incentives can keep, or bring jobs to a community in an auction which pits one community against another is insanity. I thought I’d share my thoughts on NCR moving to Georgia with you via video- please remember, no teleprompter, camera operator or edits- this is just Read More

As NCR leaves, our “leaders” forget their spines

I’m waiting for just one elected politician to stop and say, “Wait a second, before you leave, how about you pay us back all the breaks we gave you.” But, it’s not going to happen. As P&G announced that they were going to collect Iams and whisk them down to Mason, no one said, “But, Read More