Some updates on this site:

I’ve been publishing this blog since January 21, 2006. That’s 1028 days, with an average of .74 posts per day (758 posts). We average 4.46 comments a day (5,545 comments).

In Oct 2008 there were 13,995 unique visitors. We’re averaging 711 visits per day. This month isn’t quite halfway there and we’ve had 8,258 unique visitors.

These may not be the Dayton Daily News site stats- but, when it comes to a must read among people of power in Dayton, this site has become a destination.

While it was never built as a political website- but more as a platform to share ideas for Dayton- it’s served through a run for Congress and will soon be used for my run for Dayton City Commission.

It’s also served as a “practice what you preach” platform for my Websitetology seminar – which teaches how to use Web 2.0 to build community and a brand by getting to the top of Google for free (next Seminar- Tuesday the 18th).

The new iPhone view of Esrati.comWe’ve made a few changes lately- and will be changing the theme soon (those of you who read the RSS feed could care less). Yesterday- we implemented a new iPhone view, which makes it easy to read this site on the most advanced cell phone on the market. You can still use the conventional view if you scroll to the bottom of the screen if you want, but, the new view makes it so much easier to read and respond.

We’re looking into delivering updates to cell phones via SMS for the campaign. We’ll be getting the mailing lists going again- looking to give our community faithful a little extra info and insight.

Of course, we’ll also be opening up the donation platform again, because if you want to get elected, we all know it takes money.

I’m also thinking about starting up some products for sale to help the campaign.

If there are other features you’d like to see, or topics of discussion- let me know.

If there are issues you’ve had with the site- or things you’d like to have added or changed- let me know.

A lot has been written about how Barack Obama ran the perfect web 2.0 campaign. Consider this site- the most web 2.0 site of any political campaign in Dayton.

Let’s see if we can grow this community online- and put your best source for what really goes on in Dayton in a position where I can share even more with you.

Thanks for reading!

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