Congressman Turner

Sharen Neuhardt has friends in strange places

Since the “journalists” in Dayton are completely ignoring the 10 candidates for Congress- except of course the incumbent who they believe will have a walk in the park, it’s up to me to do the digging (with a little help from my valued readers). I got an email tonight, while at the Wright Library in Read More

Set asides for disabled veterans: you can be a Times Square Sidewalk vendor

Back in 2004 President Bush signed House Bill 108, requiring 3% of all Federal contracts go to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB). The law is widely ignored by major government contractors (know as “Primes” in the government acquisition business). A recent issue of Vetrepreneur Magazine (stories not available online) lamented the failure of any Read More

Now political consultants are on the taxpayers’ payroll?

It’s one thing for a political campaign to hire a campaign consultant, but it’s another for taxpayer money to be used to pass a tax increase. Think about it- would you pay someone your own money, to make you pay more for something? If the politicians can’t get a tax increase passed without being able Read More

Grassroots Daily show v.8: oil and opium edition.

Week 2 of the Grassroots Dayton Daily Show featuring Greg Hunter and David Esrati (both who’ve run for Congress). In this rapid-fire edition we talk about layoffs at Montgomery County, Congressman Turner’s new digs, Tiger Woods (why not, everyone else is), the surge in Afghanistan and why we fight- hence oil and opium. [youtube][/youtube] We’re Read More