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The Dayton Daily News has been inconsistent about allowing comments on articles. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to which articles allow comments, which ones don’t- and on more than a few occasions- they’ve blown the comments away and closed them.

Today Greene Party Tea Party candidate Virgil Vaduva pointed out that they’d taken down a post about his lawsuit against Greene County for hiring Avakian Consulting with tax dollars to prep a levy, or pass it, or do “marketing.” The post may return 404 errors- but, the wonders of the internet do provide access to it still via cache.

The last comment on it in my cached version was my own:

If you are interested in reading more about Burges & Burges who have the Dayton Public Schools no-bid contract:
And more about the Greene County lawsuit specifically:…
It would be interesting to see what “deliverables” were actually delivered to Dayton Public Schools over the last 15 months- and to note that the contract was just as long as the superintendent’s stay (Burges recom. Stanic)
David Esrati
2010-03-25 06:58:44.091
And- the “nice people” at Avakian consulting posted the entire article here on their blog for posterity:
and I’m pretty sure Ray Marcano, the DDN online editor, won’t be calling them up demanding they take it down as he did me when I posted an entire endorsement article about me- because they didn’t.
The comment before mine leads to another blog- with an expose of Avakian and what his firm really is: a political lobbying firm:
Here is more about Avakian’s past and techniques on how municipalities can skirt election law:…
2010-03-25 10:27:47.638
If they are taking articles down- what else are they hiding at the Dayton Daily News? They’ve now run two editorials in support of embattled Montgomery County Administrator Deborah Feldman, (today’s and a few weeks ago predicting Feldman will weather SCLC storm) who should be packing up her office along with several of her underlings for their failure to monitor Federal money.
By taking articles down, by making searches incredibly difficult for the average person, the Dayton Daily News actually helps obfuscate the sad state of affairs in the Dayton Region.
A quality newspaper with high editorial standards wouldn’t remove content like this.
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