Twin Valley Behavioral Center

When you need infrastructure, don’t ask Dayton

A perfect example of how we don’t do real economic development. The Twin Valley mental hospital can’t be reopened because- we don’t have a road to it. We spent millions of dollars to blight a neighborhood at Wayne and Wyoming for a speculative Kroger store- but, can’t come up with money to build a road Read More

How to get shot by a cop.

I’m going to say it right now: No matter how bad a police officer Jack Brooks is made out to be, Ricky Moore is the only one responsible for his own death (unless of course we want to blame Governor Strickland for closing down Twin Valley Behavioral Health Care where Mr. Moore has been for Read More

Ohio priorities- all mixed up.

Rich people need tax breaks; poor people don’t need mental health facilities. Because “airplanes are mobile” and people can fly them anywhere to get them fixed, the State of Ohio has decided to give their owners a tax break Ohio House passes capital improvements budget The spending plan, approved 94-2 just after 10 p.m. on Read More

A solution to Twin Valley Behavioral Centers financial problems?

In my real job, I’m in advertising. I’m a believer in marketing- however, I still don’t believe somethings need to be advertised: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Lotteries and I question the value of marketing medical facilities, procedures etc- when if we had a real health care system, the money would be better spent healing than Read More