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Laywers lacking imagination: Thompson Hine to move to boringville

The old joke goes: What is the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? One’s a scum sucking bottom feeder, the other is a fish. Thompson Hine LLP must think we’re stupid- saying they can’t find suitable office space in Downtown Dayton either shows they think we’re morons (with something like 30% reported vacancy rates Read More

Is Dayton City Hall getting smarter?

Where were the guarantees of performance that should have of been in place for the Wayne Avenue Kroger and the “Ballpark Village” “development” debacles? Before investing our tax dollars the city should have some kind of guarantee in place that the developer actually has to follow through or make the city whole after it does Read More

Government handouts to business are nothing new- and in some places they’re illegal

Ballpark Village was going to be another “silver bullet” solution for all of our problems. The way it was supposed to work was your tax dollars would backstop rich private developers so they could overbuild our retail inventory and play shell games while skimming what they could before pulling out of town- long before the Read More

Austin Pike: Where is the Dayton City Commission?

160,000 people are being ignored by the Montgomery County Commission, but, I placce the blame squarely on the shoulders of only five people: The Dayton City Commission and its mad-hatter leader, Mayor Rhine McLin. Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin withdrew her opposition to the tax and adopted a neutral stance after meeting with county officials. “We Read More

The Foundry closed- because “Originals not wanted”

The problem with branding is that it doesn’t mean anything if your actions don’t fit your words. Case in point: The Foundry, like the Asylum before it- was the kind of large club that attracted young people to Downtown and the “entertainment district.” Both were hassled, and then shut down by the city through liquor Read More

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