A solution to Twin Valley Behavioral Centers financial problems?

In my real job, I’m in advertising. I’m a believer in marketing- however, I still don’t believe somethings need to be advertised: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Lotteries and I question the value of marketing medical facilities, procedures etc- when if we had a real health care system, the money would be better spent healing than hawking.

I also think paid-media political ads should be banned, but that’s another story.

This morning I see in a trade magazine that Children’s Hospital in Columbus is getting flak for accepting money from Abercrmobie & Fitch- and it got my mind working, but first, here’s the impetus:

Children’s Hospital in Hot Water Over Corporate Sponsorships – Advertising Age – News
What’s in a name? If you’re a Columbus, Ohio-area children’s hospital, plenty of donations.

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital, so called in recognition of the insurance company’s $50 million donation, is drawing fire from advocacy groups for its embrace of corporate sponsors. The facility is preparing to break ground on the Abercrombie & Fitch Emergency Department and Trauma Center. Another retailer, Limited Too, will be recognized for its $5 million donation with the Limited Too & Justice Main Lobby.

But it is the affiliation with Abercrombie, known for its not-exactly-child-friendly advertising, that is drawing the most criticism. Abercrombie donated $10 million to the hospital in 2006 for the construction of the center.

Since we can’t seem to figure out how to fund our local mental health facilities, maybe we should ban all ads for psychiatric drugs and sell naming rights to Twin Valley Behavioral Center- which could be the “Zoloft Center” or the “Xanax Anti-Panic Place” for a lot less than they would spend to spread the message. Of course, if te drug companies don’t bite, maybe we ask the booze people- after all, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam are often two of the centers residents best friends.


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