Barack Obama owes me a pen knife, and owes you one too.

Little Swiss Army knife the TSA confiscatedIf there is one Bush legacy that I hope can leave the USA in January, it’s our State of Fear.

In fact, when I went to hear Senator Obama at the Nutter Center back in February, he talked about not being afraid anymore. This was after the TSA took my little Swiss Army pen knife at the door.The one with a blade shorter than the keys on my key chain. After 6 years with Special Forces- I can tell you, I could do more damage with a sharpened key, a knitting needle, or even a ballpoint pen (all allowed on a plane) than that little pen knife.

Sure I understand that this is the future President of the United States, but, for the most powerful man in the world, with a bevy of trained Secret Service people around him to be afraid of me with a 1.5″ blade makes me wonder if we’ve got anyone with a brain at the top.

So, he also owes me a better explanation of why he declined public financing. What, is he really afraid that his message of “Change” and “Hope” can only win with a fat bankroll? Is John McCain and his “Straight talk Express” really that formidable as an opponent? John McCain should be as scary as that pocketknife.

Then, we’ve got a flip-flop on FISA. Now it’s OK to spy on the people who’ve put our “trust in God” as it says on the money we use- but, only if the US Government and the telecommunications companies can listen in.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Barack Obama is the best possible choice (now that Gravel and Kucinich got sent packing), and I believe that we can do much to mend fences across the globe with a black (but not too black) man with a Muslim name running the country. But, I just wish we’d have a man with a spine.

Shouldn’t be afraid of pen knives, elderly x-POW’s or the Telecommunications industry or especially, the people of your own country.

The real enemy is fear, and I fear most that Senator Obama has lost touch with the true fears of my fellow citizens- that we’ll lose our jobs, our homes, our access to health care or that Wall Street has gambled away our country’s wealth, while George Bush was busy- taking away my pocket knife.

I won’t be at Stivers tomorrow to hear Senator Obama, not until I get my pocket knife back.

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