Forget the DDN and Dem Party endorsements- I’ve got real people endorsing me.

I’m asking you to let me represent you in the “House of Representatives” of our Country. To me, the opportunity to serve the people in this role is almost sacred and the highest honor that you could give me. I’m not perfect (and I get told daily what is wrong with me to the point that it is sometimes depressing) nor are we going to agree on every issue- and there is nothing I can do about it, other than be honest.

I don’t think I’ve ever met Daniel Green, but I know he’s been reading my site for a long time. Last night, I did a post about my visit to DECA that I went to bed thinking- “I could have done better- it could have been tighter, maybe I should rewrite it and actually demonstrate the idea of telling them what I’m going to tell them, tell them, tell them what I told them” and then this morning the comment was there:

That’s it, I’m endorsing you on my blog, and I used to be a Republican. I dont know what is going on in America anymore, and I don’t agree with a lot of things but hell, times are changing and I like your campaign style.

And I went to his site and found this:

audendi » Blog Archive » I hereby endorse David Esrati for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the Ohio 3rd District
…I am endorsing David Esrati for Congress in the Ohio 3rd District. Now, you might be asking yourself why would a Ron Paul supporter and a former Republican ever endorse a Democrat of all things? Well it’s simple. Mr. Esrati is local, he’s real, and he’s honest. He cares about this community in Dayton and isn’t in it just to make money or get famous, he wants to make Dayton a better place to live and work….

That was just an excerpt- jump over and read the whole thing.

I spoke with Eddie Roth at the Dayton Daily News yesterday- and tried to make a case for the DDN either withdrawing or changing their endorsement for OH-3 for 20 minutes. I don’t think it’s ever happened before- but, in the three weeks since they interviewed us- I’ve uncovered more graft and corruption than the DDN has in a year:

I also pointed out I’ve also produced 5 videos so far, have a broader based, grassroots style support and don’t take money from PACs or Special Interest Groups compares favorably to Jane’s PAC money and an average donation of $992.50 all for less money than what Jane Mitakides spent on a computer for her campaign.

If this resonates with you- please, tell your friends. Write letters to the editor asap, and remember that you have to ask for a Democratic ballot on Mar 4 if you want to support me. You can switch back at the next primary- and unless you are planning to run for office as a Republican next election – it won’t make a difference to anyone- but it will make a difference to me and send a message that we won’t just have the best politicians money can buy- but ones who want to go and represent your interests and the best interests of our country.

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