Strong Mayor

Dayton should study reform Miami style

For those thinking a “strong mayor” form of government is the answer- they should go down to Miami which made the switch in 2007 and now is looking to switch back. Of course- it’s a countywide system in Miami already, so they are a huge step in front of us. But, then there are the Read More

A Charter Committee? Another failure of leadership.

The Dayton Daily has two guest commentaries on what we should do to get our of our mess. Obviously, something’s broken when the Democratic machine can’t beat a neighborhood leader despite their 10 to 1 money advantage plus incumbency. I’ve already weighed in that a strong mayor solution isn’t the answer– but here is how Read More

Why Dayton doesn’t need a “strong Mayor”

The latest “silver bullet” solution to be floated by the Republican party and a few others who think they already run this town is to switch to a strong-mayor form of government. Abracadabra- and all our troubles will be gone. I say horse-hockey and here is why. We don’t change horses anyway- preferring to ride Read More