Plummer didn’t know- DDN doesn’t want to.

Once again, Sheriff Phil Plummer is claiming ignorance in the case of the appraisal gold mine for friends. This time- Sgt. Tom Flanders is taking the heat- for supposedly asking to have the appraisal documents shredded.

Phil is good at pointing fingers:

“There’s no cover-up here. It was a mistake by a new sergeant in that office,” said Plummer, a Republican, “If I’d known about this it wouldn’t have happened because it shouldn’t have happened.”

via Request to destroy foreclosure sales files was a ‘mistake,’ Plummer says.

To add insult to injury- the Dayton Daily News has closed comments on this article- probably because they’re afraid that people within the Sheriff’s own office will leave comments that nail him to the wall.

It’s time to quit this charade. Not only should Plummer be investigated, so should Vore- for how the amount got raised- and how he hired Plummer’s sister in the first place. Then we should also look at the Clerks of Courts who’ve blindly paid the invoices without asking questions until it’s election time: So Greg Brush should shut up- and Dan Foley (prior clerk) should be doing some time in the hot seat.

While hard working people in Montgomery have been getting screwed by watching their housing values drop thanks to these fly-by-night appraisals by uncertified friends and family- these people have been making serious money.

They all belong in jail.

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6 Responses

  1. Greg Hunter January 29, 2010 / 10:51 am
    Ha, We got Barney Fife and Ned err Ted Flanders!
    Those files will be interesting to compare sales records around town.  I think there was probably collusion between the banks and the Sheriffs office.  The number is always 2/3s the first mortgage.  In addition I wonder if some of the appraisers have been giving insiders or the true valuation for properties or have become investors themselves.

    While hard working people in Montgomery have been getting screwed by watching their housing values drop thanks to these fly-by-night appraisals by un-certified friends and family- these people have making serious money.

    David I think you are thinking that the values are dropping because of these appraisals and that is not true.  I think values are staying high because of these appraisals.  They values for housing should have been dropping over the last 10 years in Dayton due to income erosion and new stock coming on line.  These values are maintained because the Bank is maintaining the value due to the loan valuation.  In addition the short sales and duress sales are not being used in the comps which continue to over inflate the value of the property.  Property values and Rents should be going down but George and Barack have kept them up by buying the loans at par and providing tax payer money to new buyers.  PRICES SHOULD BE FALLING NOT RISING!

  2. D. Greene January 29, 2010 / 12:32 pm
    That’s basically the whole reason I started my little project – the Plummer story in particular.
  3. Greg Hunter February 3, 2010 / 11:00 am
    I seemed to read that he already had 73k on hand for his election?  I wonder how much Dave Vore had when he bolted town?

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