Money, smarts, and politics

A few videos that I’ve watched lately that I think you should watch too.

Daniel Pink– on what motivates people to do great things dispels the myth that our grossly paid CEOs are worth the money:

A lot of people have watched this video- and it came to me via Seth Godin. I love the animation, but- what’s more important, when you start making $4K an hour or more- how can money motivate you still?

I know Steve Jobs makes a bundle in options and perks- but his salary is $1 a year. I’m pretty sure money isn’t what gets him out of bed in the morning- but making insanely cool stuff that works….

Then, a friend I made at Central State shared a video on Facebook- from Ill Doctrine– he does a hip-hop blog in NYC. He’s asking maybe it’s time to stop buying the covers and start buying the content- when it comes to politics: economics and Annoying smart guys….

I do understand economics- but when Ben Bernanke says the system has become too complex….

A very successful female friend of mine once tweeted that all the super successful women CEO’s were hot. JFK beat Nixon because he was better looking on TV too, if you believe some people. Taller people are more likely to be CEO- etc.

Maybe IQ tests should be part of the application to run for office. For the record, in 1981 my GT score on the ASVAB was 128, lowest score was clerical at 113. You needed an 18 to get in the Army at the time and a 36 to be in the Marines if I remember right. I thought you got an 18 for filling in your name right with the number 2 pencil.

What motivates our politicians to run? Is it money? Is it smarts? Is it a desire to change the world?

I was asked why I’m running for Congress and why I think I’d do a better job than Mike Turner today by the DDN reporter. I gave her answers that I doubt will show up in print. What do you think would define a great elected representative? Or- politician as we also call them?

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