One Laptop Per Child

Bringing your own technology to school

On Wednesday afternoon I was invited to a discussion at Dayton Public schools about the idea of letting students (primarily grades 7-12) bring their own laptops, tablets, e-readers to school. Dr. Melson, their head of IT led the presentation where I learned that by Dec. 31st all Dayton Public Schools will be completely wired with Read More

Math help for everyone- with a computer and a connection

I’ve had several friends struggle with the math teachers at Sinclair Community College. Hell, I struggled with some of the professors at Wright State, and- we’re now creating high school curriculum called STEM- Science Technology, Engineering and Math- because Americans are falling behind. We also spend billions on jet fighters for the Air Force, that Read More

E-book textbooks are being tried in the wrong places

While it’s admirable that Congress just woke up to the spiraling costs of college text books, the first place to make the switch isn’t at the college level, it’s at the elementary level. The second part of the equation is that if Ohio wants to be a leader in forward thinking education- it’s not by Read More

It looks like I’m following instructions: 101 Things To Do – OLPC (for once)

You can learn a lot from your web stats- what people come to your site for on a search, can lead back to other authoritative pages. So when I saw that “How to end poverty” brought people to my site, I found my site is one of the top ranked pages on Google (and I Read More

I taught a kid to fish yesterday

The old proverb goes, give a man a fish, he eats today, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Yesterday, I taught a kid to fish. When I’m your congressman, I plan on teaching every American child how to fish and I’ll share the secret: it’s a $10 billion dollar investment Read More