Montgomery County Democratic Party Dayton Ohio

Montgomery County Democratic Party ch-ch-changes…?

It was refreshing to see a whole bunch of fresh faces at the January 2017 Montgomery County Democratic Party meeting. Trumps been in office less than a week, and people are already seeing what happens when the system fails to stop stupid. Welcome to the too little, too late club. There are lots of new Read More

The Democratic Party rigging system

Thanks to WikiLeaks we can now see how the Democratic National Committee is really not Democratic at all. They play favorites and have a plan to shepherd the flock into the ballot box to put their preferred pick in power. It’s an insiders game. And while many Bernie supporters feel gypped right now, wondering how Read More

The oligarchy backs the monopoly: local dems like casinos

I’m not sure what just happened, unless the Issue 3 people wrote the locals a check to back their incumbent “Team” of McLin, Whaley and Williams, but breaking ranks with the Governor and Senator Brown is big. The Montgomery County Democratic Party, the people who routinely try to (and succeed at) stop primaries, now want Read More

Democracy 2.0 meeting tonight, Mar 13 08

We need a better way to inform voters of the issues and the candidates than these huge media campaigns based on :30 second sound-bite rhetoric. That’s why we’re getting together to start working on Democratic Party 2010 on Thursday, Mar 13, 2008 at 7pm at the South Park Tavern, 1301 Wayne Ave Dayton OH 45410 Read More

How choice makes the party stronger.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party believes the best system is to eliminate primaries whenever possible by picking candidates in a closed room before the filing deadline. Often times, they collude with the Republican party and agree not challenge in some races, instead of running a full slate of candidates every time. This lack of people Read More

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