It’s OK that the Montgomery County Democratic Party endorsed Jane Mitakides for Congress

As of today, the slightly behind the times party still has Richard Chema as their candidate on the site.

Apparently they also sent out an e-mail saying they “Unanimously endorsed Jane Mitakides for Congress” however, since the vote of the screening committee which made the endorsement, was behind closed doors- we’ll never know if that was the case. As to the Central Committee endorsement, in public, yes, they all agreed. I guess donkeys move in herds too.

Ohio Montgomery County Democratic Party
Richard Chema for 3rd Congressional District

220 Brown St., Dayton 45402

HQ #: 937-223-5460

[email protected]

Screenshot from Montgomery County Dem site endorsing 2006 Candidate Richard Chema for congress (in 2008)

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