Public officials, Private meeting. Our Dayton – discussed behind closed doors

I’m wondering why private meetings are so important to people who think they are in charge of Dayton? It’s our city- and I thought we were supposed to vote for the people who would lead us.

If we voted for you- and you are meeting in private with the people we didn’t elect, maybe you should go work for them? Or maybe you’ve been working for them all along- after all, these are the people who can afford to contribute the $1000 checks to your campaigns.

A group of community stakeholders plan to have their second meeting Wednesday, Aug. 12, at Sinclair. The meeting won’t be open to the public, said Chris Kershner, vice president of public policy for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

The group’s mission: Try to minimize loss of talent from the Dayton area tied to NCR’s decision — announced in early June — to move its corporate headquarters to Duluth, Ga….

The group includes representatives from Dayton Defense (formerly Dayton Area Defense Contractors), the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, Technology First, city, county and state governments and more.

via ‘No quick fix’ for area after NCR leaves.

Of course, since we don’t have a real investigative paper- I have to believe this article is related to the one in the Dayton Business Journal- which names some other players:

Several powerful voices in the Dayton region said they will lend support and called for a new economic development model.

Among them: Clay Mathile, area philanthropist and self-made billionaire; Raj Soin, one of the most recognizable and wealthy members of the community and founder of Soin International LLC; John Landess, executive director of the John Turner Foundation (sic) and board chair of the  Dayton Development Coalition; Mark Thompson, president of  LJB Inc. and board chair of the  Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce; Bryan Bucklew, president and CEO of the  Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association; Michael Greitzer, president of the Miller-Valentine Group and co-chair of the Downtown Dayton Partnership; J.P. Nauseef, chief architect of the region’s Base Realignment and Closure strategy; and U.S. Rep. Michael Turner, R-Centerville.

Landess said the board leadership of the Dayton chamber, the Dayton Development Coalition and the Dayton Business Committee — a low-key group that includes local banking leaders — have been meeting on a quarterly basis to discuss better ways to do economic development, which could include merged government functions or merged development efforts.

“Everything is on the table,” Landess said.

A spokesperson for the Dayton Business Committee said the reality is the region has limited resources, both financial and in key leadership, and “we as a business community and broader community must address how to best use those limited resources.”

via Key leaders lining up for regionalism – Dayton Business Journal:.

I don’t recall electing Clay, Raj, John, Mark, Bryan, Michael, J.P, to lead anything, do you? What do they have to say in private to our leaders that we shouldn’t be privy to? Which leader would report back to the public on their site- or tweet- what’s going on in the meeting at Sinclair? Hmmm.

It’s interesting- we just had the 10 Living Cities Symposium here in Dayton. None of it was done behind closed doors. Did they have good ideas? Did they share? Why the secrecy? And, which politicians think that this is the way we do things (still) in Dayton?
If we look at our track record, it should be pretty clear that catering to special interests in the back room hasn’t done the region right.

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