Lynn Hulsey

and the rest of the Williams corruption story

Today, the Dayton Daily News has a very long story which is claiming to reveal new evidence in the Joey D. Williams investigation. They state: The Dayton Daily News obtained a federal search warrant and supporting documents from the 2015 search of Williams’ Sunnyview Avenue home. Using those and other public records and interviews, our Read More

Dayton Daily news/Cox Ohio does the reorg dance- again

In November, the last of what I call the “typewriter brigade” left the building. The old-timers (not really old enough to remember editing copy with scissors and rubber cement paste pot) were the last bastion of true institutional knowledge in the building, took a buyout and tossed their steno books. With the exception of Tom Read More

Journalism 101 for the Dayton Daily News

Dear Boss of Lynn Hulsey, When re-writing a story that broke two days ago, standard practice is to attribute your source. If you don’t know this, try reading about it on Wikipedia: The Montgomery County Board of Elections on Tuesday fired a part-time election worker for writing on a voter’s application for an absentee Read More