Journalism 101 for the Dayton Daily News

Dear Boss of Lynn Hulsey,

When re-writing a story that broke two days ago, standard practice is to attribute your source.

If you don’t know this, try reading about it on Wikipedia:

The Montgomery County Board of Elections on Tuesday fired a part-time election worker for writing on a voter’s application for an absentee ballot, according to Betty Smith, deputy director.

Workers are not permitted to alter any documents sent to the board.

Robin Dodge, 60, of Dayton was fired after she wrote in the date of the Nov. 8 election on an application of a voter who had not put the day of the election on the application. Dodge, who had worked at the board part-time since September, was paid $10 per hour. She also has served as a poll worker but will no longer be permitted to do that, Smith said.

“We are of the belief that there was no wrongdoing done,” said Rob Scott, who is Dodge’s attorney. “It was an innocent mistake.”

Smith said the voter’s application will be processed as usual.

via Board of elections employee fired.

This story ran 2 days ago on this site: Board of Elections fires temp worker

When I cite DDN stories, I always attribute them. When the DDN does good, I say so.

Even the Dayton Business Journal has cited my site for breaking stories like the one I did when your two time Pulitzer prize winning Photo Editor resigned instead of firing good people. (and please forgive me gods of journalism for having the word Pulitzer in the same post that mentions Ms. Hulsey).

Apparently, all you have left is losers like Lynn who don’t know how to do their job correctly.

You could just pay me to do your reporting- you’d get better stories- after all, I don’t get paid for this- yet, scoop your lame “newspaper” on a regular basis (Qbase anyone?)

And, btw- of all the reporters who’ve covered my political campaigns, Hulsey has been the worst hack writer to have the beat.



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