John Boehner

Time to spank the petty politicians: raid their campaign kittys

The two-party system is broken. The standstill in Washington over the debt ceiling is proof that petty politicians will do almost anything to posture instead of proceed to solve the problem at hand. We’ve already seen the FAA stop collecting taxes on airlines, soldiers are having essential training cancelled (while still being asked to go Read More

Paul Mecurio: did you hear the one about the lawyer…

I don’t normally interview entertainers on this site. The closest I come to comedy is when I quote the editorial board of the Dayton Daily News- and they really aren’t funny. So when a publicist asks if I’d like to interview comedian Paul Mecurio- I first have to look him up- because I’m usually too Read More

Nazis, Muslims, miniature painters and morticians

P.T. Barnum couldn’t claim “the greatest show on earth” anymore- nope, the three-ring circus doesn’t hold a candle to the American political campaign season- where almost anything goes. And while we can easily point our fingers at candidates for their shenanigans; not so easily at shadow campaigns financed by “secret sponsors” we’ve never heard and Read More

Military insubordination? First signs of a coup? Or are we getting smarter?

When General MacArthur made political statements, he lost his job. Times have changed: The military will have to do its part when Washington makes decisions on how to reduce the nation’s growing budget deficits, the commander of the Air Force Materiel Command said Monday, March 1. “At some point, we’re going to have to start Read More

And we won’t hear Mike Turner’s position?

The Dayton Daily News-less has the back-assward positions of Austria, Jordan and Boehner on gays in the military- but no mention of Teflon Mike: WASHINGTON — Republican congressmen Steve Austria and Jim Jordan objected Wednesday, Feb. 3, to Pentagon plans to end a ban on gays and lesbians openly serving in the armed forces. Jordan, Read More

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