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Improving Ohio’s business user interface

Ohio spends millions of dollars trying to “create jobs” and “attract business” to our state. Then we spend millions of dollars persecuting those very same companies because our bureaucrats don’t know how to build an efficient system with a smart user interface to collect fees and taxes. Overly complex systems, spread out over multiple divisions Read More

Why do we have an Ohio Department of Development?

Ohio Public Radio had an interesting story on the Ohio Department of Development– which is also missing a director. Unfortunately, they don’t have a full transcript- and you have to listen to hear the whole report: Ohio has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last few years, and the state’s unemployment rate has Read More

This was your 3.7 million dollars- and mine.

It’s nice to know that the city of Dayton is no longer giving BGH Studios $125K, but only $50k if these numbers are correct (maybe it’s an additional $50K- hard to tell). And, it’s also good to know that they now have 19 employees- can I see the city income tax filings? You see, BGH Read More

EPA toughens smog requirements; E-check to return?

When the e-check station across the street closed, Undercar Specialty Warehouse on Springfield Street saw a huge drop in sales of catalytic converters overnight. Owner Mike Weprin wasn’t surprised, he saw the meteoric rise in sales when E-check first started. He admits e-check was good for business, but as many, he felt the process was Read More

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