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But you promised…

Back on Feb. 14, 2008, the Dayton City Commission and the County ED/GE committee gave away $125K to an ad agency that claimed 19 employees at the time and an additional 15 during the next three years. I said then there were problems- in that a video edit suite doesn’t cost $125K- and the jobs Read More

How your tax dollars end up in the rich mans pockets

The news is sometimes in the details that the Dayton Daily News leaves out. If you read their story, it sounds like the city and county have “won” some new business- from Georgia (the evil people who “stole” NCR from us) for the paltry investment of $125K. Read and Rejoice! In September 2009, commissioners initially Read More

Belt tightening isn’t going to solve the Dayton financial problem

No real time to write a full post about this- but, either Joey or Nan should be happy I’m running, because next year won’t be easy. The city is projecting a $20M shortfall next year: The city of Dayton’s financial woes grow deeper with budget estimates for 2010 predicting up to a $20 million shortfall. Read More

This was your 3.7 million dollars- and mine.

It’s nice to know that the city of Dayton is no longer giving BGH Studios $125K, but only $50k if these numbers are correct (maybe it’s an additional $50K- hard to tell). And, it’s also good to know that they now have 19 employees- can I see the city income tax filings? You see, BGH Read More

Corporate welfare with your tax dollars

One reporter said to me- it seems like you spend a lot of time writing for your site, where do you find the time? Well, if you’d stop providing so many crazy stories about wasting our tax dollars- I wouldn’t have to write. In todays paper, I see that BGH Studios has politicians believing that Read More