Why do we have an Ohio Department of Development?

Ohio Public Radio had an interesting story on the Ohio Department of Development– which is also missing a director. Unfortunately, they don’t have a full transcript- and you have to listen to hear the whole report:

Ohio has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last few years, and the state’s unemployment rate has soared to levels not seen in a quarter of a century. But the state still has no permanent director of the agency that’s charged with job creation and development.

via Statehouse News Bureau.

This is an expensive boondoggle- in the report, Rich Vedder Professor of Economics at Ohio University, would abolish the whole thing- claiming that the $971 Million dollar budget is a waste and that it costs the State $200,000 per job created.

Before the era of big government, we used to depend on the private sector Chambers of Commerce to do much of this work. It was unethical for tax dollars to be redistributed to private corporations, and our politicians weren’t barraged by lobbyists writing the laws to benefit their minders.

It’s departments exactly like this one, in Georgia, that recruited and bought NCR away from Dayton. A nationwide ban on this practice, at all levels should be the next Constitutional amendment.

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