DDN endorses Mitakides, barely

With their normal, negative bent, the Eddie Roth-less editorial board begins their “endorsement” talking about losing. Of course, they would have said the same thing about Abraham Lincoln, but no matter. They then go on to say that Turner is unbeatable. Next comes that Jane Mitakides raised impressive amounts of money last time she got spanked with 38% of the vote.

Then they get to me, again, with a negative bent starting with one inaccuracy after another. It’s almost embarrassing that they call themselves a “newspaper.”

My first race was for Mayor- same time as Turner, who wasn’t a contender, until Mayor Dixon took me outside to attack me (the “scuffle” that the paper brought up) for asking where the money was coming from for his campaign. After that, the paper finally took off the gloves, and attacked Dixon as unfit for his questionable job performance at the Dayton Public Schools (where he was taking sick days while traveling on City business). Turner won that election by a mere 400 votes. The DDN goes on to say “Mr. Esrati is also the fellow who later wore ninja masks to city commission meetings in protest of certain rules” – leaving out that 5 courts found me right, and Turner wrong in that case. They make it seem like I did it many times, although, it was only twice, and the second time was to remind the Commission that citizen voices must not be silenced.

Obama poster: Esrati Endorsed Me“Online, Mr. Esrati has said that when he takes those tests one sees occasionally about which presidential candidate one shares the most views with, he comes up with Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich. He thinks this is mainly because of his views on Iraq. He says the war there was “concocted to bloster the bottom line of the military industrial complex.”” At least I have a site and say something. However, attempting to line me up with Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich, although I clearly state I support Obama is just another attempt to make me seem more of a fringe element. At least the smart people of OH-3 will see that I have enough balls to say something substantial, and they can find information on my site. Try that on their endorsed candidates site: Jane08.com When OHDave asked Jane who she backed– all she could come up with is the party line: “In the Presidential race, I’m supporting the Democrats!”

“He approaches the online world with relish. He is better cut out for blogging than legislating.” is their final dig. Heaven forbid, we have a candidate who actually communicates with his constituency.

They skip over Sanders, who was 30 minutes late to the meeting (which they didn’t mention) and then say Jane “Mitakides is the natural choice of the Montgomery County Democratic Party, which has endorsed her” even though the party refused to endorse her in December, and then chose her last week when they realized I was their only other choice- and I refuse to kow-tow to the unions which make up 50% of the secret society screening committee.

The paper goes on with Ms. Mitakides complaints about Turner supporting the president (he’s a Republican, isn’t that what he’s supposed to do?), that she’s a NRA supporter, and that she wouldn’t be as partisan as Turner- which means what? She’ll vote with the Republican’s more often?

Even though Jane Mitakides couldn’t get a web site up for almost a month after she turned in her petitions, and young voters have been turning out in droves (they all get their info from the ‘net) the DDN still thinks that “if the Democrats are to have any hope of giving Rep. Turner a run, they need a candidate who starts with at least the Democratic base relatively united behind her. Ms. Mitakides, though her credentials aren’t great – lacking local involvement – is the best bet.”

Wow. With an endorsement like that, who needs it?

One last thing- the DDN doesn’t even bother to put the endorsement on their site- which meant I had to waste even more time retyping their drivel. They are almost as on-top of this new-fangled-internet thing as my Grandmother (who died in 1995).


Finally found the link- it’s so long I’m just making a link here. Here is the link to the support letters that they published.
A second “last thing”- (Steve Jobs II here)- if you want to write a letter to the editor, now is the time- 200 words or less preferred, addressed to [email protected] Make sure you include all contact info- address, phone, e-mail and REAL NAME (Juan, Gene, Pedro etc.)

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