DDN endorses Mitakides, barely

With their normal, negative bent, the Eddie Roth-less editorial board begins their “endorsement” talking about losing. Of course, they would have said the same thing about Abraham Lincoln, but no matter. They then go on to say that Turner is unbeatable. Next comes that Jane Mitakides raised impressive amounts of money last time she got spanked with 38% of the vote.

Then they get to me, again, with a negative bent starting with one inaccuracy after another. It’s almost embarrassing that they call themselves a “newspaper.”

My first race was for Mayor- same time as Turner, who wasn’t a contender, until Mayor Dixon took me outside to attack me (the “scuffle” that the paper brought up) for asking where the money was coming from for his campaign. After that, the paper finally took off the gloves, and attacked Dixon as unfit for his questionable job performance at the Dayton Public Schools (where he was taking sick days while traveling on City business). Turner won that election by a mere 400 votes. The DDN goes on to say “Mr. Esrati is also the fellow who later wore ninja masks to city commission meetings in protest of certain rules” – leaving out that 5 courts found me right, and Turner wrong in that case. They make it seem like I did it many times, although, it was only twice, and the second time was to remind the Commission that citizen voices must not be silenced.

Obama poster: Esrati Endorsed Me“Online, Mr. Esrati has said that when he takes those tests one sees occasionally about which presidential candidate one shares the most views with, he comes up with Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich. He thinks this is mainly because of his views on Iraq. He says the war there was “concocted to bloster the bottom line of the military industrial complex.”” At least I have a site and say something. However, attempting to line me up with Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich, although I clearly state I support Obama is just another attempt to make me seem more of a fringe element. At least the smart people of OH-3 will see that I have enough balls to say something substantial, and they can find information on my site. Try that on their endorsed candidates site: Jane08.com When OHDave asked Jane who she backed– all she could come up with is the party line: “In the Presidential race, I’m supporting the Democrats!”

“He approaches the online world with relish. He is better cut out for blogging than legislating.” is their final dig. Heaven forbid, we have a candidate who actually communicates with his constituency.

They skip over Sanders, who was 30 minutes late to the meeting (which they didn’t mention) and then say Jane “Mitakides is the natural choice of the Montgomery County Democratic Party, which has endorsed her” even though the party refused to endorse her in December, and then chose her last week when they realized I was their only other choice- and I refuse to kow-tow to the unions which make up 50% of the secret society screening committee.

The paper goes on with Ms. Mitakides complaints about Turner supporting the president (he’s a Republican, isn’t that what he’s supposed to do?), that she’s a NRA supporter, and that she wouldn’t be as partisan as Turner- which means what? She’ll vote with the Republican’s more often?

Even though Jane Mitakides couldn’t get a web site up for almost a month after she turned in her petitions, and young voters have been turning out in droves (they all get their info from the ‘net) the DDN still thinks that “if the Democrats are to have any hope of giving Rep. Turner a run, they need a candidate who starts with at least the Democratic base relatively united behind her. Ms. Mitakides, though her credentials aren’t great – lacking local involvement – is the best bet.”

Wow. With an endorsement like that, who needs it?

One last thing- the DDN doesn’t even bother to put the endorsement on their site- which meant I had to waste even more time retyping their drivel. They are almost as on-top of this new-fangled-internet thing as my Grandmother (who died in 1995).


Finally found the link- it’s so long I’m just making a link here. Here is the link to the support letters that they published.
A second “last thing”- (Steve Jobs II here)- if you want to write a letter to the editor, now is the time- 200 words or less preferred, addressed to [email protected] Make sure you include all contact info- address, phone, e-mail and REAL NAME (Juan, Gene, Pedro etc.)

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Your treatment in the DDN was surprisingly brutal.

To what extent does the DDN characterization of “the scuffle” misrepresent the incident? Any chance you can you serve them w legal papers on that?

David Esrati
David Esrati

I look at their treatment as refreshing- at least I’m not an unknown, like Mitakides. There is nothing wrong with calling it a “scuffle” – although, it was really me doing a “rope a dope” while Clay Dixon pounded on me. He broke his watch on my head. It was the one time I was on the front page (below the fold). The law director spent 4 hours with me trying to make sure I wouldn’t file assault charges against Dixon (which I didn’t- I figured the odds were stacked, his word against mine- there were no real witnesses to the beginning- only the end).
The part that really bugs me is the mask thing- they know full well why I did it, and what the results were, and can’t give me any credit for doing their job (making sure meetings are open to the public and that laws were followed- as well as protecting citizens rights to speak at the Commission). I am going to meet with Eddie Roth next week to chat- maybe at least one person on their board can look at things with an open mind.


David – I MIGHT write something to the DDN (and even use my real name). I have to get a copy of today’s paper to see the whole thing.

I was going to say that I can’t blame them for endorsing Jane. After all, she does take a much better picture than you! (remember … WSU 1987 – Skirt Chasing :)) But, I just Googled her and can’t find anything more recent about her than from 2004 – WHERE SHE USES THE SAME PICTURE! C’mon, Jane. You put up a new website (Jane08), at least use a recent picture! You’ve still got to be better looking than David!

Her claims to fame seem to be a long marriage to a dentist and that she has two great kids. While a long (hopefully good and happy) marriage is certainly a status symbol these days, and while I’m as proud of my equally great kids as she as, I don’t think that either of these things qualifies her to be a legislator either. She also claims to be a sucessful business woman, but I’ve been doing business in the South Suburbs for almost 17 years and I’ve never heard of her in any of my business circles.

She did list a couple of lame responses (oh geez, David, now you have me calling people lame!) about tax incentives and funding veterans benefits, but there were only 3 or 4 bullet points listing any of these types of “positions” at all. Oh, and if you check out http://www.jane04.com (a site linked to her from some voting website) you’ll see a really old picture of Jane! :D

So, let me read the DDN and I’ll decide if I’ll write something. I’m not making any promises though as letters to the editor aren’t really my thing. If they would print them verbatem, I would consider it, but I’m not really crazy about having them edit something and complete distort what I might want to say.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Juan- The jane04.com site is abandoned and for sale. http://www.janemitakides.com is an embarrassment- as is http://www.jane08.com to anyone remotely with it.
I have often wondered why the ability to get married and to procreate is listed as a primary reason to vote for someone- or where they were born or raised. Dr. Mitakides isn’t Jane’s first husband, but, that never comes out, and the fact that she couldn’t complete a degree doesn’t seem to count against her either.
Sorry you have to buy a copy of the paper- I didn’t feel like retyping the whole thing.


>> Sorry you have to buy a copy of the paper << Don’t worry about it, David. I’ll just work another hour to cover the $.50! Hi ho, hi ho…it’s off to work I go!

Phillip Ranly

Yeah, I’d like to the know the full extent of this scuffle you’ve spoken of several times. Were there actual punches thrown (you’ve used the term punching bag)? Thanks.


I don’t think many care what the DDN says or who they endorse. But, tell us why a Special Forces soldier let a Mayor pound on him? I also see you have a lot of WSU friends. I’m from WSU 1988 – mostly at W.O.Wright’s, so I can relate to Jane and “the fact that she couldn’t complete a degree doesn’t seem to count against her either.” :)

David Esrati
David Esrati

Dixon threw the punches- I took them. I was smart enough to know which side of the law I would end up on. He ripped my shirt, broke his watch on top of my head, and I took it. He was older, and, really, I only know one way to fight- and that would have been a disaster. I blocked, parried, and slid inside and under- I didn’t hit him. If I had, I’m sure I would have ended up in jail.


>>>Dixon threw the punches – I took them.<<< hehe, sounds kind of like your blog, buddy!! Guys like me rip into you all day and you take it! :)

Actually, I remember talking to David a few days after that incident many years ago. I don’t recall his exact words, but the gist of the conversation was that, during the “scuffle”, David was concerned about how to get Dixon off of him without hurting Dixon. And I remember telling people that I could say, without a doubt, that David did NOT throw the first punch. That’s just not the type of guy he is.


A letter to Dayton Daily News Editor, written 1/30/2008

In your January 30th article describing the democratic backing of local congressional candidates, I read something disturbing.

And, surprisingly, it wasn’t the childish attack on Mr. Esrati, which has become reiterated, malevolent rhetoric. What disturbed me was the detailing of Ms. Mitakides profile.

Mentioned was her lack of local involvement, it was mentioned in such a way that it would seem to only become a minor impediment in her race for congress.

The position of a congressman is to represent the community, which elected them and local involvement should always shape the ideals and principles of the contenders, it should motivate and empower average citizens to step up and fight for change. For years Mr. Esrati has been doing just that, it is a sad state we are in when fighting for change equals a handicap, when we choose a candidate based on how successful they are at keeping their mouth shut.

I google Jane, and I get David.

Visit esrati.com, not because it will show up first in your search, but because there is a candidate out there who is aware of the problems of our community, and will do something about it.

This isn’t an advertisement and this race isn’t a popularity contest.

This is a call for a fair race, on a level playing field. No more name-calling, no more pushing and shoving. Do your homework.

In the words of John Kennedy, “After the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.”


DDN is somewhat of a joke – it was the YouTube bit with your dog that sent them out to screw you, among other past reasons. The DDN is also good for starting fires, like the ones in my fireplace and the fires on this blog.

I think you could have taken Clay Dixon Mr Esrati. He had reading problems.

People would pay more attention to this race if you were to fight your opponent – Turner VS Esrati – Friday Night at Hara Arena.

I think you need special interest groups to back you (here are some you might look into):
*South Park Historical Society – where history is whatever you want it to be
*Young Democrats of Oakwood (both of them are thumbs up for you)
*Local Patrons of the Taverns of Dayton, 3 Drink Minimum (several members),
*West Side/East Side Rainbow Connection – WE DO CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER
*Wright State Hockey Club – SLAP THIS CLAY!
*University of Daytona Beach (Not quite UD, but close enough),
*The Other Wright Brother, Russ and Dale Wright HVAC Tech’s,
*The Greene (Concrete and Bricks are Natural!),
*Dayton Interstate Airport – bc we really only fly to Cleveland,
*Montgomery Country Sheriff’s Realty Company (MORE house than that Herman guy) . *The Ohio Bar Association – minus that smoking thing,
*The Oregon District – Lone Rangers running businesses into the ground,
*Grey Hound Bus, the Quickest way out of town,
*Montgomery County Fairground – Leading the Way in Doing Nothing,
*Downtown Dayton Development Group – We follow the Fairgrounds!,
*Belmont Business District – One Business makes this District,
*NCR – Now Creating Relocation,
*Warm and Cheerful Centerville – Relocating Downtown Businesses is EASY,
I-75 – I-70 Interchange – Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Indianapolis are ALL better destinations than Dayton,
*Hawthorn Hill/Wright Brother House Tours – Open to All People M-F 6:00am to 6:10am
* Next Wave – you gotta support yourself

Good Luck!



That’s a stroke of genius! Tomorrow is the weigh-in for the Toughman Contest at Boston’s Bistro… no… wait… damn! that was last week. Maybe next election… (smart money says Esrati)

Andi E

It’s sad that the DDN decided to endorse Ms.Mitakides when the most important and possibly truthful part of the article is that Mr. Esrati “…presents himself as an unusually blunt-spoken candidate, somebody who is free from the big-money ‘interest groups’ and is best equipped to beat Rep. Turner…” To me, this was the endorsement. Isn’t the point of the race to beat Mike Turner?

I hope everyone will join me in helping David Esrati win the Primary. I challenge you to donate some sort of monetary contribution even if it’s only $5.00, but then get 10 friends to do the same. I challenge you to pick up campaign postcards from Mr. Esrati and go door-to-door in your neighborhood for an hour or two, and ask those neighbors to tell their friends to vote for Dave. I challenge you to write letters to the editor.

Today, I began to do all of these things, and I WILL DO THEM EVERY DAY UNTIL MARCH 4TH AT 7:30pm.

All of the challenges I set forth for you and myself take only a few hours a week. Isn’t that time worth it to elect a candidate who is not buying his ofice?

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thank you to all- esp. Mandy and Andi for their words of support.
However, on the toughman thing- we’ve had 7 years of “toughman” style leadership- and look where it’s got us.
I think it’s time for more statesman style fighting- with open discussion. It’s time we engage government- to represent us, and give us the country we deserve- not the one that’s been corrupted by this political auction process.
Andi’s right- a few hours- a few bucks- and we CAN make a change.

Thanks all.