Dayton Development Coalition is out of touch

First order of business at every municipality in the region today: demand an audit and a refund from the Dayton Development Coalition. While every single community has been asking employees for concessions, laying off staff, not filling positions and cutting budgets- the Dayton Development Coalition continues to behave like Wall Street bankers- drinking champagne and Read More

Are you a Veteran who owns a business?

A bit of cross promotion here. If you are a Veteran, or Service Disabled Veteran who owns a business- and are interested in what the Dayton Development Coalition is doing- and progress on BRAC, you may want to come to this meeting on Thursday: Thursday, 11-Jun 2009, featured speaker: Colleen Ryan, VP of the Read More

Destination Dayton!

If you’ve not met Teri Lussier or read her blog “The Brick Ranch”- it’s time to run over and read this post: I had an interesting conversation the other day. A potential buyer is looking online and finds me and gives me a call. He’s a Californian. He’s a family man. He’s a hard-working construction Read More