Destination Dayton!

If you’ve not met Teri Lussier or read her blog “The Brick Ranch”- it’s time to run over and read this post:

I had an interesting conversation the other day. A potential buyer is looking online and finds me and gives me a call. He’s a Californian. He’s a family man. He’s a hard-working construction guy. We have a long talk.

He lives east of San Francisco and has been looking for a home out there for two years. He can’t afford anything, so he starts to look elsewhere. For some reason he looks at Dayton Ohio. “I could pay cash for a house in Dayton.” Yes, yes he could. I have to ask, “Why Dayton?”

“I’m sick of paying rent. I can’t afford to live in California and own a home. I want my kids to have some room.” That’s why people buy homes out here in Dayton, but there was something else, something more. The ties that had bound him to the west coast all these years were gone and now he was free to start a new life somewhere else. Why Dayton? “I don’t really know. My wife and I have been talking about this for a very long time and we think it’s time to reverse the wagon train.”

That struck me. “Time to reverse the wagon train”….

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Dayton is an affordable place to live, even if you forget about the part about having abundant water, no earthquakes, easy traffic and commutes, a decent amount of culture and a nascent hip indie music scene.

Thanks to the BRAC– we’ll also have a lot of construction jobs- which will lead to other jobs. If you are sick of a 600 square foot apartment in NYC for $2000 a month- or, can’t afford to buy a house in California- we’re waiting for you in Dayton Ohio.

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