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Sorry for the delay- horrible things happen when you go over 10 minutes. Bill Pote and I discuss his site: He also has help from Lisa Grigsby who runs He also announces his new social media calender to coordinate everyone’s calenders that he will be launching Feb 2010 Enjoy!

Let’s send the Dayton sound global: marketing we can afford.

The Dayton Daily News finally called the Dayton Development Coalition marketing inept after their two high profile failures: The $900k “Get Midwest” campaign that made a lot of money for Congressman Turner and his wife- and this week’s “Dayton Region Rally” which was more like a college lecture. What we need to do is put Read More

Journalism of the future will include you

IDEO is a multi-disciplinary design firm. They’ve designed products for Apple, TiVo, and even NCR. They have patents, they’ve won awards, they have smart people as “Fellows” as part of their firm. It’s the kind of firm that you hire to answer the questions about your product or service you don’t even know to ask. Read More

Building codes, sprawl and value.

Bill Pote over at Dayton Most Metro has a long post and a small comment debate going on about how restrictive building codes and over-the-top requirements are making redevelopment severely expensive at the cost of much of our existing infrastructure- and empowering sprawl. He asks: But have we made these codes so restrictive that we’ve Read More

Call it the Montgomery/Warren County News from now on

First time I saw it, I thought it was odd. Now, I’m just laughing as the Dayton Daily News continues to show how out of touch it is. We no longer have suburbs of Dayton- they are now Montgomery County cities: WEST CARROLLTON — A vapor leak is getting the early blame for an explosion Read More

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