DaytonMostMetro adds events calendar

Who needs a “Young Creative Summit” to build a digital hub? Bill Pote over at DaytonMostMetro just created an events calendar online, with RSS feeds, and all the connectivity to web 2.0 goodness you’ll need.

You can’t log in as a member- and manage your own account (which means more work for Bill)- but it is easy to add to your blog (hint- readers who have their own sites) and I’ve added it to mine at the bottom of the right scroll bar for now.

Jump over to the Dayton Most Metro calendar and add your event:

The more we use these kinds of tools- the stronger our community gets. Note- Dayton Most Metro doesn’t limit your online comments to 500 words, or constantly bombard you with negative news about Dayton like the Dayton Daily News. Make sure you click on his ads to help fund his effort.

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