Business enlightenment in 30 min or less: Marketplace

My day typically begins with reading the news, then going for a run. When I run, I listen to APM Marketplace– at 2x speed on my iPhone (or iPod) and get smarter faster. This morning- I listened to a few shows- including the one from June 30- which was like a great album- every story Read More

Clueless in Columbus

Two opinions in today’s Dayton Daily News about the state of affairs in our fair State. The editorial board, bless their hearts, decided to question the actions of our local Republican senate members including Jon Husted who has managed to escape their wrath for so long. On the opposite page we had Governor Ted Strickland Read More

Why stop with capping payday loans? Banks are just as bad.

Obviously, banks have better lobbyists than payday lenders, why else can someone who has no problem charging $37.50 for a negative balance and $7 a day get away with not getting new rules imposed. The Fed has been bailing out the banks with low interest auctions, when their balances go negative, and yet the consumers Read More