The deed shell game

My father always told me: “You don’t own a house, a house owns you.” I never really understood it until I owned one. Gone is the ability to pick up and move. Gone is the ability to call “the super” or the landlord to deal with things like busted water heaters. Houses depreciate without constant Read More

3,800 people lose jobs- CEO still makes millions

In the Jewish faith there are “mitzvahs“- commandments or “good deeds”- and one of the most respected is that of giving people a job. Yep, the Jewish faith says that full employment is great in God’s eyes. The idea that firing people wholesale is OK- without suffering any consequences- as an acceptable business practice has Read More

Business enlightenment in 30 min or less: Marketplace

My day typically begins with reading the news, then going for a run. When I run, I listen to APM Marketplace– at 2x speed on my iPhone (or iPod) and get smarter faster. This morning- I listened to a few shows- including the one from June 30- which was like a great album- every story Read More

Robbing a lot of Peters to pay… Steve Jobs

Tax breaks as “economic development” tools is a smoke and mirrors expression for making the rich richer, and the poor poorer. If there is one thing that needs to be changed nationally, it’s the outlawing of all tax breaks for business by any state or local agency for the purpose of relocation assistance. In other Read More

To Obama- “shameful” or “Criminal”

Steal food from a grocery store to feed your family- go to jail. Steal trillions from the global economy, pay yourself a bonus and the new President calls it “shameful.” Obama told reporters he was outraged by a report of $18.4 billion paid out in Wall Street bonuses, as taxpayer money was being used to Read More

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