A new sports and concert arena in Montgomery County?

Conventions, Sports & Leisure International is sending out e-mails to do some research on a new arena:

“Subject: Possible New Sports Arena Off I-75

Dear Ohio Resident,

We would like to share some news regarding the potential development of a new sports arena in Montgomery County.  The arena is envisioned to host minor league sports, concerts, family shows, commencements, other sporting events, including collegiate sports, and a variety of other educational, cultural and entertainment events.  Additionally, the arena is expected to operate as a component of a larger development that could potentially include a mix of unique uses including retail, commercial, hospitality and residential.

As your thoughts and opinions are extremely important to our initial development decisions, we would like to invite your participation in a 10-minute internet survey as part of a strategic study that will help shape our plans for the prospective new arena.

Your time, insight, and advice are deeply appreciated and will help determine the future of sports entertainment venues in Montgomery County.  Thank you.


Lawrence King
CSL International
5741 Legacy Drive, Suite 310
Plano, TX  75024”

Jumping over to their website- they have a bit about themselves:


Founded in 1988, Conventions, Sports & Leisure International (CSL) is a leading advisory and planning firm specializing in providing consulting services to the convention, sport, entertainment and visitor industries. CSL was established for the specific purpose of providing a source of focused research and expertise in these industries. Services include new/expanded event facility feasibility studies, organizational reviews/performance enhancement studies, destination master planning, industry benchmarking, negotiation assistance and related services.

Could this be a red herring? Part of the UD Master plan?

A bold move at Miller Lane or by the Dayton Mall? The first steps toward “Sportsplex” or a companion facility to the Dragons in “Ballpark Village?” Anyone want to ponder what’s going on?

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If its supposed to be along I-75, there is a lot of vacant land btw SR-725 to Franklin. I can see them building something south of the city. Unfortunately, it will be another blow to downtown. However, just how many venues do they think we can support? We have Hara Arena, Nutter Ctr (I know Greene Cnty.), Fraze, plus the venues downtown. There are a finite number of ticket buyers.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Well- the DDN read my site- and dug a bit deeper-
it’s Austin Road- and we may be looking at an AHL hockey team to compete with the Bombers.
Wrong place, wrong team- and probably wrong money.


That article was interesting when one see’s who the players are:

Mandalay: The folks who own the Dragons and who are parterning with Cincinnati’s Bear Creek Capital on that Ballpark Village concept.

RG Properties: A Dayton suburban developer who has, in the past, specialized in retail, but owns or has options on property on the southeast and northwest corners of the interchange.

One wonders if this is a signal that BPV is dead and Mandalay is looking for other opportunities in the region.

And its also instructive that Mandalay partners with the LOCAL developer on a SUBURBAN site, but has to go to Cincy to find a partner for a city site…which perhaps tells something about the local development communities–at least the big players– interest in city projects.

However, note that Austin Road is covered by a JEDD that includes Dayton (by virtue of that airport), so the city will realize some tax revenue from development at the site.

Bruce Kettelle

I don’t think it is so much a question of revenue as it is a question of sprawl. Wouldn’t the region be better served if this big arena were downtown (or closer in) where it would be another urban amenity that can anchor surrounding redevelopment like the successful new hockey arena in downtown Columbus?

Of course with my Trotwood hat on I would not be opposed to it going on the HARA location as a redevelopment project.