Ballpark Village strikes out? Maybe, sportsplex will get a chance?

When Mandalay started doing a survey about putting an AHL team at Austin Road, you had to imagine that they were backing away from BallPark Village. Unfortunately, the city has been chasing this dream too- without any real thought about how adding even more retail inventory, in yet another location, will further put pressure on existing retail space inventory.

Maybe, it’s time to look at Sportsplex– something that really doesn’t exist yet- and add something new to the picture?

City withdraws Ballpark Village funding request; project update expected at 1 p.m. – Dayton Business Journal:
The city announced that a 1 p.m. press conference will be held today at City Hall regarding the Ballpark Village development.

Speculation has swirled in recent days that co-developer Bear Creek Capital and the city are dissolving their partnership.

City spokesperson Tom Biedenharn refused to confirm that information this morning.

“It is going to be an update. I can’t give more detail,” Biedenharn said. “The issue of the partners will discussed.”

Officials with Cincinnati-based Bear Creek are declining comment until after the press conference.

At a Montgomery County ED/GE Advisory Committee meeting Thursday morning, City Manager Rashad Young withdrew a request the city made for $1.5 million in county funding for a parking garage and office tower that would be part of the downtown development.

“Sufficed to say, we intend to be back in the fall with a request for the same dollar amount,” Young said. “We are still working with some issues with our developing partners.”

Besides Bear Creek Capital, California-based Mandalay Entertainment — which owns the Dayton Dragons — is the other developing partner on the $230 million project. Mandalay’s California officials could not be reached for comment.

Guess this will kind of kill off whatever press Dominics was hoping to get on their new venture announcement… (no it isn’t a new Dominics in the University Shoppes across from UD) it’s salad dressing.

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