Tony Capizzi

Death next neighborhood: Dayton mass shooting

Before they built US 35 in the sixties, my neighborhood, South Park, was connected to the next neighborhood north of us, The Oregon District. Now there is a slash, like a DMZ, called a highway that separates us. It was Dayton’s first “Historic District” and got about a 5 year head start on my neighborhood Read More

News the DDN fails to Cover: Test case on petitions for Independents

While the Dayton Daily News has everything you need to know about Touchdown Jesus, a major lawsuit was filed on the 11th of June that not only attacks the dirty world of Dayton’s political monarchy, but also the State of Ohio’s insane laws that create huge barriers of entry for Independent or third-party candidates. C. Read More

The power of political posturing?

I’m having second thoughts about posturing legislation. Tony Capizzi did it when he proposed gun control legislation. Dean Lovelace did it when he pushed for anti-predatory lending laws. Mary Wiseman did it when she asked for equal opportunity protection for gays. All of these were pissing in the wind, since none were enforceable, or true Read More