B Cycle

Denver makes use, Ohio buys ads on the page

Gotta love the “Ohio Department of Development” touting the “Third Frontier” program in ads- on Fast Company’s website. We’re paying to advertise that we’re forward thinking and supporting science and tech- while Denver is actually deploying the future of green alternative transportation: B-Cycle. If there is one rule about advertising- it’s that PR is cheaper Read More

B-Cycle Dayton discussed

In Dayton Grassroots Daily show v 29, we’re talking B-Cycle. I’ve been talking about bike sharing in Dayton for the last year. Putting smart bicycles all over the urban core and where we have high concentrations of people. Places like college campuses and major employers could have bike share stands to get people to think Read More

B-cycle and sustainablity. Bike share in Dayton, build on strengths

So much focus has been on what we don’t have in Dayton- yet, we take for granted what we have all the time. I just got back from a five mile run on the bikeway, going past Garden Station, Deeds Point, Kettering Fields, the Canoe Club,  Island Park and Riverscape. It was a beautiful day Read More

Pave more roads or free bikes? Stimulus for the future

While everyone seems excited about getting Federal Stimulus dollars, spending them on existing infrastructure doesn’t really stimulate much for very long. Real change means changing the infrastructure to make Dayton a more desirable place to live. The idea of the free bike isn’t new, and it’s not out of reach. It’s working in Paris, and Read More