Denver makes use, Ohio buys ads on the page

Ohio Dept. of Dev. Advertises next to real thought leaders

Being the story beats being the ad next to it.

Gotta love the “Ohio Department of Development” touting the “Third Frontier” program in ads- on Fast Company’s website.

We’re paying to advertise that we’re forward thinking and supporting science and tech- while Denver is actually deploying the future of green alternative transportation: B-Cycle.

If there is one rule about advertising- it’s that PR is cheaper and more effective than any ad campaign. So instead of buying ads talking- why aren’t we putting money into programs like B-Cycle?

One month after the Denver debut of B-cycle, the first large-scale bike sharing program in the U.S., over 3,000 Denver residents have burned over 1.3 million calories by pedaling away at the 400 bikes docked at 42 stations around the city.

via The Technology Driving Denver’s B-cycle Bike Sharing System | Fast Company.

We talk about being an RFID center- and yet, here is B-Cycle using RFID. We could have launched B-Cycle in Dayton around July 1, had the powers that be had any brains. We’d be mentioned in this good press- and Ohio would like leaders instead of followers.
Instead, we’re buying banner ads. Brilliant.

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