B-Cycle Dayton discussed

In Dayton Grassroots Daily show v 29, we’re talking B-Cycle.

I’ve been talking about bike sharing in Dayton for the last year. Putting smart bicycles all over the urban core and where we have high concentrations of people. Places like college campuses and major employers could have bike share stands to get people to think of riding for their short trips for lunch- instead of driving.

I’d like to get the system launched July 2010- to coincide with Denver’s roll-out of the same system. Being on the same news cycle could do an awesome PR job for Dayton- and put us on the map as a forward thinking city. We’ve already got a legacy of two bicycle builders- and one of the best bike trail network anywhere in the USA.

Greg Hunter is a huge cyclist- and was prepared to hate the idea. But, after hearing me, he’s a believer.

You watch:


We’re lucky to have a whole bunch of other bicycle things going on. Kate Ervin made this presentation to the “Neighborhood conference” when she was still with the city- and B-Cycle makes a short appearance.

I’ve got hard numbers in the hands of the powers that be right now. We’re looking for $1.7 million to place 50 stations and 300 bikes in the first phase of the roll out.

If you’d like to see this in Dayton- comment in support.

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