ann stevens

Bad news for Beatlemaniacs

After being on the air for years, on many different stations, Clear Channel made another one of their stupid moves and fired Ann Steven from her “Breakfast with the Beatles” Sunday Morning gig on WTUE 104.7 In the name of “cost saving” we just took another step away from having any local input on the Read More

Breakfast with the Beatles ain’t the same without Ann Stevens

Sunday, the Fraze hosted Breakfast with the Beatles- only, the chief Beatlemaniac, Ann Stevens wasn’t there. The reason? Clear Channel doesn’t want to pay Annie the remote talent fee because they are cheap bastards. The typical deal for the jocks is they get paid extra for live appearances- this has been the case for as Read More

Beatlemaniac coming at you

I’ll be on WTUE, 104.7 in less than an hour. Breakfast with the Beatles with my favorite DJ, Ann Stevens. Tune in or listen online, 10 am to 11. Note- there is now a “Listen Live” button right under the logo on the home page- slight improvement from last year. It still opens in a Read More