The return of democracy to the Montgomery County Democratic Party depends on YOU!

The idea of free elections, the bedrock of the American democracy, is that the people get to choose their representatives to elected office. We all know that thanks to Citizens United, we’ve turned most elections to federal and state office into auctions, but, local elections were still at least relatively untainted. That is, unless we’re Read More

Political activity by city employees- could we have a ruling please?

I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I’ve always been bewildered by the role that union employees play in Dayton politics. Phonebanks staffed by union employees, literature drops, sign distribution, the list goes on. However, according to the City of Dayton Personnel polices and procedures manual- city employees are forbidden from Read More

And a third option for labor?

I wonder what American politics would be like without Special Interest Groups, Political Action Committees, unions and even political parties. What if the only thing that counted was the will of the people? What if we took the money out of politics? What if we just had old fashioned debates- and then mailed ballots to Read More

The details of the proposed deal with AFSCME

While the DDN tells us about the parking issues: The streets around the AFSCME Council 8 union hall on Gate Street looked like a municipal parking lot this morning as members of Dayton Local 101 jockeyed to park their city-owned, rigs and pick-up trucks, then spent half-an-hour hearing the terms of a tentative labor agreement. Read More

AFSCME holding emergency meeting/vote

Somethings afoot with AFSCME, who is notifying “All City of Dayton blue collar, clerical and part-time AFSCME Local 101 union members” to come to the hall for a presentation tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7, 2009. Presentations at the union hall, 15 Gates Street in the Oregon District will be held at 7:15 am, 11:30 am, 3:30 Read More

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