Spreading the word: Esrati for Congress

It’s really easy to tell people online about my campaign- all you have to do is link to this site, but, you can take it even one step further, write a post.

Cover of “The Houdini Solution” by Ernie SchenckThat’s what Ernie Schenck did on his blog, Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising with his post “Esrati for Congress. Or else.” Since most of you aren’t in advertising, you don’t quite realize what this means, because Ernie is one of the creative superstars of the field. He’s got a great book that will teach you how to think inside the box and make things work. It’s called “The Houdini Solution“and it has one of the most amazing guides on how to brainstorm the big idea, working within the box that we all are constantly faced with. It’s guys like Ernie who come up with ideas like renaming the estate tax the “Death Tax” or the idea of a “Contract with America”- only they would actually believe that there would be actions to back up the catch phrase.

So, write your post, send me your audience, and let them decide if this campaign is a good idea and my ideas are worthy of your support and your vote.

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