My question for the presidential debate tonight

Tonight, the questions are supposed to be from the people.

Not, that it means that John McCain or Barack Obama will actually directly answer any question clearly.

I’d like to hear a simple yes or no answer to the following question, with a promise if elected, to change the credit card rate cap lower:

Senators, it was just this January that the government pushed a $150 billion economic stimulus package that sent check to Americans to stimulate growth, which obviously, didn’t work. Now, we’ve committed $700 billion more, yet, as much money as the government pumps into the banking system, at low interest rates- the banks don’t pass the savings on to consumers through lower credit card rates.

When people get behind on their mortgage, they often turn to credit cards- and then get caught with penalties and interest rates that can be as high as 29%. Would you support forcing banks that ask for assistance at the Fed’s discount window to cap their interest rates at 19% and replace penalties for over the limit charges with a forced reduction in the consumers credit line, as a way to offer relief to the people on Main Street?

What would you ask?

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