Sunshine Laws Smackdown at the Second District Court of Appeals

Until the Court of Appeals issues their ruling, there isn’t much I can tell you that isn’t evident in the video.
There were about 20 people in attendance, including Montgomery County Clerk of Courts Mike Foley and his deputy, and Dayton School Board Member John McManus. Three Montgomery County Prosecutors were in the back- I’m not sure why, although they are the only people who can actually remove a sitting elected official from office for violations of the Sunshine laws. The elected officials who could be at risk are school board members; Mohamed Al-Hamandani, William Harris, Robert Walker and Dayton City Commissioner Jeffrey J Mims.

Of course, they could also be there to prepare to sue me to recover the tax dollars that the school board has wasted defending themselves on this. That only happens if I lose. I don’t plan on losing- because, I would be willing to bet my life on the fact I’m on the right side of this case.

There was also security. Highly irregular in a civil appeal.

The court may have also been filming, but I had to get permission to film. I would have used 3 cameras to do this, but they only allowed for one. Here is the video- it’s about 33 minutes long.

If you want to read the briefs- they are posted here: You’re invited! The Sunshine Laws Smackdown event. FREE! Tuesday Mar 5, 2019

Decision could be issued in days, weeks, or if you are like the city attorney’s dad- Judge Dan Gehres, they could sit on it for 9 months (like he did in my infamous “Mask case”).

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