A donation challenge: time for a throw down.

So, if you haven’t already donated your max of $2,300 per cycle to my campaign (and no, none of you has)- Pam, has challenged you to start pledging- for the next 24 hours, she’ll match you dollar for dollar- up to $2,000.

UPDATE: She has extended the donation window till MIDNIGHT tonight, the 6th of February. We’ve taken $505 of her money so far.

This started in a comment– now it’s official. And you have 23 hours to jump onto PayPal and pony up. $100 gets me $200.

And, note, I need at least $6000 to do a mailing, $3000 to do a phone call- and I’ve only got $1000 in the bank right now.

You can drop off checks at 100 Bonner Street Dayton OH 454510

I’m sure I could get a ton of money from Unions, PACs, special interest groups, or corporate lobbyists- but then, who would I be representing?

$10 get me $20, so go to Donate now.

Thank you Pam. You are a true American Hero in my book.

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