Smaller construction plans- should equal tax rollback

Here is the first step to passing a new operating levy for the Dayton Public Schools- roll back the levy we passed to build new schools 25% since the DPS isn’t going to build as many schools as promised.

New bids sought for school project
State officials say Dayton’s program is now smaller after seven schools were dropped from the plan last year because declining enrollment. Danis said a corresponding 25 percent reduction in the management fee made sticking with the project a bad business move for his company. The overall management fee on the roughly $100 million first phase of the program was $8.9 million.

State officials say a smaller job means a lower fee.

“The scope of the project and the number of facilities has decreased,” said Cheryl Lyman, spokeswoman for the Ohio School Facilities Commission. “Based on that new reality, that was what led to changes in the construction manager structure.”

Since money from the building levy can’t be used for operating costs- the DPS just scored a chance to go to the voters to get a no-cost increase levy- which should be enough to restore at least sports and music programs.

With a moderate ask for an increase on top of the traded millage,  instead of the whopping 15.17 mill they asked for in the spring- the DPS may get what they need to keep on track.

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