Let’s see if the Dayton Daily Newsless can manage some restraint

I’m sure the DDN will put this on the front page- and attribute it to the economy, the Greene or any number of other gloom and doom scenarios.

I’d like to think a business can shut down for renovations in Dayton and not make the front page.

Local Italian restaurant closes for renovation – Dayton Business Journal:
Dominic’s Italian and American Restaurant on Main Street is closed for repairs and has no reopening date set, said Annie Mantia, owner.

Mantia said the restaurant is working on kitchen repairs and updating other equipment.

Mantia would not comment further.

Dominic’s, 1066 S. Main St. in Dayton, has been open for 50 years. The restaurant is known for its Italian cuisine and garlic-laden salad dressing.

When I came to Dayton in 1983 to visit Wright State and find a place to live- I drove around town looking for a place to eat that wasn’t a chain. I found Dominic’s all on my own, and had a veal parmigiana and their famous garlic salad dressing. It may be one of the reasons when I bought my house, I bought in South Park- closer to Dominic’s.

And, while I don’t think it’s been the same since Sonny Mantia died a couple of years ago- it still had the best garlic salad around.

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Drexel Dave

Didn’t take long to make the top spot on their web page:



My wife and I were having breakfast with a friend when I brought up Dominic’s current plans. He said his folks just ate there within a month earlier. He says the experience they had was interesting. Apparently a couple cooks back in the kitchen got into a fight and were arrested while they waited for their food. Needless to say, anyone who didn’t get their food by that point, wasn’t going to get fed by Dominic’s that evening. No apology, or maybe an incentive for return, was issued. In the past year, I ordered a lasagna there still cold in the middle. I’m getting the feeling Dominics’ not what it used to be. I’m sure MVH or UD will offer them options.

David Esrati
David Esrati

As I was driving by the new “University Shops” or whatever it is called at the corner of Stewart and Brown/Warren- I couldn’t help but think how Dominic’s would make a great addition- albeit with food of lore- not the present fare.
For a UD tradition to just up and leave would be a shame.


Why is the DDN fixated on restaurants anyway? No other news?

Wanda Wiedman

I could never understand why the Moraine Embassy, next to the (old DDN Building on S. Ludlow)never agot any plugs to help them to stay open during much of the “transition” downtown.

It’s probably the only bar that has remained downtown. It is clean, has good lunches (kitchen closes at 2:00 p.m. because of lack of business).

Since there’s “No Smoking”, there doesn’t seem to me to be any reason for not visiting that good old mainstay of downtown Dayton.

The Dayton Daily News used to just about fill the place, but that has changed over the past years, as they fled to the “new” places that opened and usually didn’t stay long. And now, they aren’t even downtown anymore.

So, how about a plug for an nice little bar, right downtown. Maybe we could eventually get dinner there again. That sure would be nice.