Apparently, human services come before Dayton Public Schools

In yet another development of the devolution of Dayton Public Schools- the school board has allowed themselves to be bullied off the ballot in November by the Human Services levy- thinking they can’t pass at the same time. Bad news- no 2009 Metroparks will be back on the ballot- will DPS sit on the sidelines again?

Either DPS needs more money- or they don’t. If they can wait a year- it’s obvious that they must not have needed it that bad. As to a cost cutting study- shouldn’t they be analyzing their costs every day? That’s what us “little people” who pay the taxes do.

Dayton schools won’t seek levy until 2008
Under Ohio law, collection for tax levies passed in one year does not begin until the following year. That made the November election the district’s last chance to pass a levy that would bring new money in 2008. Any levy passed next year would not begin bringing in new tax money until Jan. 1, 2009.

The campaign levy for the defeated May levy raised more than $300,000 from local businesses, organizations and individuals. Asking for another round of big money in 2007 was a tall order for those who have backed the district’s campaigns, Isaacs said.

Also, a countywide human services levy is planned for November. Isaacs said many of the same people who back the district will be asked to support the human services levy. The district faced the possibility of competing with the human services levy for dollars and, possibly, for votes, Isaacs said.

Finally, board members simply believed another levy this year would fail, she said.

“We really do not believe we could pass in November,” Isaacs said. “We want to be sure to capture all the cost savings we can so if we go back next time we can increase our chances of passing.”

If DPS board President Isaacs doesn’t think she can pass a levy, maybe it’s because she is asking for way too much money? Try a rollback of 25% on the building levy- and coming back with a 10 mill levy- and you may be amazed. Actually make some major cuts in the Taj Mahal administration- and you might even find some extra dough. And, maybe get a marketing campaign that doesn’t look and read like it’s done by a 2nd grader- and people may actually believe you are doing something to improve the system and educate our kids.

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