Small business needs help and customers: Mower repair

Confession: I’m not good with engines. I can fix all kinds of things around the home, but flunk internal combustion engines.

I also have a “little brother” who has a lawnmower curse. He uses a lawnmower- and it breaks.

Hence- I’ve had a lawnmower graveyard with 4 non-functional lawn mowers in the back yard for a bit. Even the last replacement that little brother bought with his own money has problems.

Enter ad on Craigs list:

I am looking for running or non running lawn mowers, riding mowers, snow blowers, etc…….   also looking for running or non running cars and trucks that people are giving away or selling for very very cheap, if you have any of these items or know some one that does, please keep my number and let me know.
My name is Mark 937-269-3649 Greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.
We also do minor repairs on lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc……..    Thanks.
I called. Mark and his brother came out to look at my 4 mowers. I told them I just wanted one to work- preferably the big wheel one I bought a few years back. It was raining- we were discussing price- and they started talking about a receipt- or me taking down their license number. I said if I can’t trust you to do this on a handshake, life isn’t really worth it.
2 hours later- they brought back the big wheel mower working. Swapped engines with one of the others- sharpened the blade. Still needs a new plug and filter- but- it’s running.
The story was- Mark hurt his back, lost his job. His brother has been doing this kind of work for a while and is trying to help him get started- and that’s why I’m writing here.
You’ve got a busted mower- or a car you want to unload, call him. Tell him Esrati sent you.
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