small business

Esrati’s small business vs. the IRS

Sunday morning the Dayton Daily News will have a piece about the five city commission candidates. I already know that the piece about me is going to mention some IRS tax liens. This is part of owning a small business. If you’ve been in business for yourself, you won’t bat an eye. If you’ve had Read More

Inspector Gotcha at work in Vandalia

Last night we heard both Presidential candidates talk about being pro-small business. What we needed to hear was that if either was elected, “Inspector Gotcha” would be put on America’s Most Wanted List and hunted like Bin Laden. Thanks to Vandalia, we get to see another prime example of stupidity in power: One building code Read More

FICO and Ohio-3

For all the talk about the unemployed going to work for small businesses, or start-ups to get us out of this depression, there is one major stumbling block: FICO Figures provided by FICO Inc. show that 25.5 percent of consumers — nearly 43.4 million people — now have a credit score of 599 or below, Read More

Small business needs help and customers: Mower repair

Confession: I’m not good with engines. I can fix all kinds of things around the home, but flunk internal combustion engines. I also have a “little brother” who has a lawnmower curse. He uses a lawnmower- and it breaks. Hence- I’ve had a lawnmower graveyard with 4 non-functional lawn mowers in the back yard for Read More