Build a house before noon?

A home can be built in a day.Barry Buckman was standing across the street, watching like a proud father watches his kid hit a home run in little league, as the crane deposited the third floor of his new prototype home on Patterson just South of First Street. It won’t be finished for another 30 days, as bricklayers still have to build the outer skin, but by Urban Nights next Friday, the interior should be finished out and ready to show.

Built in a factory, to the new “Green Building” specifications, the house was trucked in from UniBuilt’s Vandalia plant and assembled on the foundation well before noon. This house is nothing like the typical factory built homes we’ve been used to seeing in the area, with modern lines and hip details, which come with vision from an architect- as opposed to a “builder.” Buckman’s firm, Rogero Buckman Architects has been a force in urban modernism in Dayton for the last 15 or so years (full disclosure- my firm, The Next Wave, has done some work for them in the past and hosts their website).

These homes are catty-corner to one of their other projects- the Cooper Lofts, a juxtaposition of an old warehouse with a new modern condo block with shared amenities, across the street from Miami Jacobs college where they did interior work and blocks away from the Firefly building on Webster which is the budget, urban hip live work space that houses their offices. They’ve got their fingerprints on everything from housing in the Genesis project in the shade of Miami Valley Hospital to the sculptures and playful kiosks at Riverscape.

If you are looking for true “Creative Class Catalysts” RBA has been walking the talk since before Richard Florida stepped into the limelight with his book. Be sure to check out the model home on May 16th 2008 and report back in the comments.

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