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The Dayton Process- is anyone else doing this?

A local power broker called me the other day to tell me he liked my “Dayton Process” idea a lot. Then he asked “is anyone else doing this?” Hmmmm. Do I go to the patent office to check? Or Google? What do I search for? I wouldn’t even know where to begin? Such is the Read More

What will the Democratic party think of next? It’s not as good as the Dayton Process.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party (you know the one that forgets to run a candidate for Congress) is already putting word on the street that they have a “super candidate” a “political heavyweight” ready to run in four years to “beat Gary.” Wow. Nevermind that they need to have a candidate to fill Dean Lovelace’s Read More

Thank you for your support

For those of you who believed, thank you. For those of you who encountered me with an open mind for the first time, thank you. For those who visited this site to learn about the candidates- you’re welcome. To the Montgomery County Democratic Party, the State Democratic Party, the AFL-CIO and to Sherrod Brown- stay Read More

From the campaign trail: Wright Library Dem Congressional Candidates night 8 Feb 2012

The previous post has my questioning Sharen Neuhardt about where her money came from in her failed attempt to run in OH-7 four years ago for an open seat against Steve Austria. But, as always, there was a lot more to the evening. We met with about 15 or so Dems in the basement meeting Read More

Dayton should study reform Miami style

For those thinking a “strong mayor” form of government is the answer- they should go down to Miami which made the switch in 2007 and now is looking to switch back. Of course- it’s a countywide system in Miami already, so they are a huge step in front of us. But, then there are the Read More

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