From the campaign trail: Wright Library Dem Congressional Candidates night 8 Feb 2012

The previous post has my questioning Sharen Neuhardt about where her money came from in her failed attempt to run in OH-7 four years ago for an open seat against Steve Austria.
But, as always, there was a lot more to the evening. We met with about 15 or so Dems in the basement meeting room at the Wright Library in Dayton. I brought my parents and my 8 year old (she’s really disappointed more people aren’t buying stickers from her.)

Mack Van Allen and Olivia Freeman didn’t make it, so there were only four candidates. Same format as the Montgomery County Dems event on Monday- 5-minute speech, five minutes to answer two questions, candidates in alphabetical order and then 2 minutes to close, follow up. We’ve cut them together so each candidate’s pieces are together. The main issue that slows us down is that really high-speed internet isn’t available in my neighborhood yet, so we have to load them at night.

I shoot all of these events and post, because I believe that the only way to run an election honestly and fairly is to take the money out and provide this type of coverage. I proposed a plan for Dayton City Commission elections back in 2009 that would make sure that the ideas trumped the money. We have to invent new ways to do this. My phone bank people are reporting back to me that very few voters even know there is a congressional primary- yet it’s less than a month away.

I’m still waiting for my video to post, so I’ll put it in later. I felt pretty good about my speech, responses to questions and my follow up. I want to add this to my response on military spending- war is now asymmetrical; has been since Vietnam and if anything is going more in that direction. The days of dogfights, large-scale land or sea battles are long over. Our spending on our military is grotesque- especially when we are re-building other countries while ours falls into disrepair and deeper and deeper debt.

Because of YouTube time limits, I had to split mine, so here is the response- which I really like:

Here is the link to the post about the H1B visas and the HUBzone solution: Crazy Economic Development Idea.

Next up is Tom McMasters, who also films all the events. I’m not sure Tom is cut out for public speaking, but at least tonight (Thursday) he didn’t tell his extroverted physicist joke.

Sharen Neuhardt tells the same story night after night. Her responses to questions from the audience are very telling of where she stands- her speech is full of nothing. As I’ve said, I’ve cut together my question about the money and her answer- which may be all you need to know.

Ryan Steele is a joy to listen to. I feel the passion and think it’s great what he’s doing. I don’t think the voters are anymore ready for him than they were for Joe Roberts, but between the two- I have a huge amount of respect for Steele and none for Roberts. I don’t buy his argument about being able to better argue against conservatives because he used to be a Libertarian, but I think I prefer listening to a pizza delivery guy over a politician any day.

Despite having the money to hire a “campaign manager” Neuhardt is still showing up without so much as a handout.

Tomorrow in the office I will scan and post both the Van Allen piece and the Olivia Freeman piece.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party is now going to have a screening committee meeting next Thursday at 5:30 to decide if they want to endorse in this race. I’m not a fan of parties endorsing in primaries, I thought that’s what elections are for, but since Sharen Neuhardt is announcing that she’s the endorsed candidate of the State AFL-CIO (they never talked to any of the other candidates) I figure I better make myself available.

There are only three more of these candidate night events left. I have two of the three posted at and will add the last one, which is March 1st and held by the League of Women Voters. The Dayton Daily News hasn’t contacted us for anything other than info for the voters’ guide.

No major media outlet has covered this race so far.

If you find this information useful, please share it, and consider donating to the campaign to support this effort.

This is the same kind of commitment I’m planning to make to you to report back from Congress when you elect me.

Thank you.


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